Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

Cohort 1

MON, NOV 2 1:00 AM | 1.5 hrs

Class 1: Surrendering control

Welcome to Anti Perfectionism Drawing!!


  • We’ll do intros, then talk about the value of giving up control in artmaking.
  • Inspiration: Hilma af Klint, Surrealist Automatism, Dada chance collage
  • Warmup: Automatic drawing. Let your hand move on your paper however it wants to, not trying to draw or write anything in particular, just making marks.
  • Exercise: Blind contour drawing. We’ll do a series of drawings in one continuous line, without looking at our papers.

MON, NOV 9 1:00 AM | 1.5 hrs

Class 2: Speed and gesture

MON, NOV 16 1:00 AM | 1.5 hrs

Class 3: Unrecognizability

MON, NOV 23 1:00 AM | 1.5 hrs

Class 4: A change of perspective

4 weeksUp to 20 learners

Something to draw on and something to draw with — paper or digital is fine!


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