New Courses - October 2020

by The Hyperlink Team | 2020-10-09

We're dropping another round of new courses — and new cohorts for some of our current ones.

Announcing Learning Clubs

by Brendan | 2020-09-25

We're trying a new format for focused peer-to-peer learning — Clubs. Browse our initial ideas and propose a Club you'd like to facilitate!

Hyperlink's Launch Lineup

by The Hyperlink Team | 2020-08-04

The most exciting moment in Hyperlink’s history to date: we’re launching with a lineup of 8 awesome courses.

Learning From the Meta Course

by The Hyperlink Team | 2020-07-29

We've completed three cohorts of the Meta Course, our course development workshop. Here's what we've learned about designing and facilitating learning experiences on Hyperlink.

What Can Courses Be?

by Brendan | 2020-07-12

There are courses and then there are courses! Here, we explain how we think about courses, and propose seven archetypes that expand the notion of what an 'online course' can be.

Book Review: Deschooling Society

by Brendan | 2020-07-11

Kicking off a series of reviews exploring books that have influenced our thinking on learning and pedagogy, with Ivan Illich's classic manifesto for new learning systems.

Hello World

by The Hyperlink Team | 2020-07-10

Introducing Hyperlink! We're starting an experimental internet school, and building infrastructure for highly effective, people-centered learning. We'd love for you to join us.