Internet Homesteading

Cohort 1

TUE, OCT 27 12:00 AM | 1.0 hrs


During the video call :

  • We’ll introduce ourselves and go over the goals and structure of our course. Everyone will talk briefly about their goals for their website.
  • We’ll go over the different options for building your site, like building totally from scratch to using an exisitng static site generator.
  • Finally we’ll all create topics in the forum to track our development.

During the week :

Gathering materials to work with, in the form of software and inspiration. Throughout the week you should gather websites you find inspiring for whatever reason, and post them in your development log.

TUE, NOV 3 1:00 AM | 1.0 hrs

Week 1: Putting a stake in the ground

TUE, NOV 10 1:00 AM | 0.0 hrs

Week 2: Seeing some pages

TUE, NOV 17 1:00 AM | 1.0 hrs

Final Call!

4 weeks

Basic HTML/CSS knowledge and openness towards code


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